Your website to the world.

No barriers.

Focus on growth.

Our mision

We believe it should be easy to open your website to new markets. With Polyflow you can reach a whole new audience of web users by providing local and global experiences, in their language, no matter where in the world they are.

We provide you the right tool to internationalise your nocode site without any efforts so you can focus your time on what really matters: scaling and engaging with your international audiences and customers.

With Polyflow you will be able to work your international SEO, open new markets easily, offer dynamic pricing for different regions and personalise services or content by region and language.

Our story

We are Webflow makers. We offer you a solution to a pain that we suffer.

Start now is born

January 2020

We founded (nocode agency) with the goal to learn to use many nocode tools and understand what they could offer and what were their limitations. “We looked for the problem”

October 2021

After more than 70 projects, we faced a big challenge with a scale-up website, where we had to handle more than 3 languages, url redirects and SEO positioning. We developed manually the back-end and allowed us to create a redirect engine to take full advantage of Webflow not hurting SEO.

”We found the problem”

December 2021

We joined the Webflow Enterprise partner program and working closely with their sales and customer service teams to work with Enterprise customers.

February 2022

We decided to create a product team internally to design and develop Polyflow.

“We prototype the first solution”

May 2022

We just launched our private Beta for the first Webflow makers looking forward to translate their sites to multiple languages.

July 2022

In July, more than 90 makers are already using Polyflow for free. The Webflow community is providing great feedback and new ideas to iterate the product. We also got our first paid customer

Our team, to the moon!

We are a team with more than 10 years of experience creating digital products for innovative companies in Europe and USA. Restless, dreamers, rebels and committed to the mission of empowering the maker community with the no-code movement.

Jorge Lana

Co-Founder & CEO

Eduardo Garcia Sanz

Co-Founder & CTO

Alba Villamil

Product Manager

Jesus Vivas

VP Growth

Ramón Cárceles

Full stack Developer

Danny Saltaren



Sergio Alvarez Leiva


Rosa Jiménez Cano


Gonzalo Recio


Our Principles.


Simplicity and Speed

We design to make the user experience delightful in its simplicity.

Design is at the heart of our team.


Customer obsessed

We were born learning from the pains from agencies and Webflow customers suffer.

We love growing together with our customers. Your success is our success.


No-code centric

We use tools on a daily basis that allow non-technical people to use them.

We empower business and marketing teams to create and iterate digital products.


Results oriented

We are moved to make an impact on our clients' businesses.

We are obsessed to improve user experience, performance, SEO, and empowering our users.

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