Translating Websites with Polyflow: A Game-Changer for My Business

Translating Websites with Polyflow: A Game-Changer for My Business

As a web designer, I have always been concerned about offering the best solution to my clients. So when I was faced with the problem of having to translate their Webflow sites into several languages, I started looking for a tool that could help me. After trying several options, I finally found Polyflow.

Who is Nicola Toledo?

I am a Webflow expert with 6 years of experience in web development  working remotely and asynchronously with Million-Dollar startups and leading agencies based all over the world. Nocode enthusiast.

What was your impression after translating two clients' websites with Polyflow?

Polyflow has become my go-to tool for translating Webflow sites. The integration is seamless and the software is intuitive, allowing me to precisely translate my clients' content.

I have used Polyflow to translate Caffeina and Topi's Webflow website into multiple languages.

Who would you recommend Polyflow to?

I would recommend Polyflow to any Webflow developer looking for a solution to add multilingual to their projects. The Polyflow team has always been available to help me and answer my questions, even when the product was under ongoing development. My clients are very satisfied with the final result and so am I.

Can Polyflow help you sell more?

I am sure that this tool will help me to get more clients. Many large and international projects require the translation of their websites and, until now, I had not found a completely suitable solution for Webflow. Polyflow changes that, as it offers seamless integration and high-quality translations. In addition, Polyflow is the only tool that allows URL translation (slugs) in Webflow, which makes it even more valuable.

This will allow me to increase my rates and sell larger projects, as I can offer my clients the option to have a fully translated website, including web addresses, and reach international clients.

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Final thoughts

As one of the first users of Polyflow, I believe that this tool will become one of the best options for translating projects in Webflow. If you are looking for a solution to add multilingual functionality to your projects, I recommend you try Polyflow. You won't regret it.